5kg Fresh Chicken Fillets £23.95

Whole Beef Fillets £17.99kg Approx 5lb Whole Chareaubriand Fillets £29.99  Top end cuts of Fillets approx 1kg 24.99kg


Prime Rib Eye Steaks NRRP £24.90 per Kg From the 08th June Only £14.99 per Kg








Brace of Free Range Local O/R Pheasants £8.50                                              

Brace of Free Range Local oven ready Partridge £8.50                                 

 Ex Large Single Oven Ready Pheasant £6.80kg                                                                       

Free Range Local Pheasant Breast £12.50 per kg                                              

Free Range Local Partridge Breast £14.50 kg                                                          

Free Range Whole Guinea Fowl £8.95 per kg                                                                          

 2 x 6-7oz Guinea Fowl Supremes £5.00                                                                 

2 x 7-8oz Barbary Duck Breasts £6.49                                                                                  

2 x 12oz Barbary Duck Legs £4.99                                                                      

Local Free Range Wild Rabbits £7.50 per kg                                                

Local oven ready free range Mallard £4.95 each                                       

Local free range wild Pigeon breast £7.99kg                                    

Free Range Grouse from “upnorth” £10.00                                                                   

Local Free Range Organic Wild Fallow Dear

Venison Loin Fillets £35.00 per kg                                                 

Whole Haunch of venison (ex Shank) £12.50kg                      

Boneless Haunch Joints £17.99 kg

Venison Leg Steaks £19.99 kg                                                                                                              

Diced Venison 500g packs £5.99 or 2 packs £10.00

Diced Mixed Game £12.50

(Partridge, Rabbit, Pheasant, Guinea fowl, Venison and Duck)