5kg Diced no fat or gristle Beef @ £6.95kg

5kg 95vl Minced Beef @ £4.95

5kg Minced Chuck Steak @ £5.95

Whole D cut scotch Rumps £9.90kg approx 5kg

Whole British Striploins of Beef 5-6kg @ 11.95kg

Scotch Striploins 7-8kg £16.50kg

Whole Fore Rib of Beef  £12.90kg

Rolled Topside £8.45kg

Whole Fillets 4-5lb £19.95kg

Whole Fillets 6lb + £22.95kg

Boneless Briskets £6.90kg

5-5 bone Short Ribs Of Beef £6.45kg

7-8oz French trimmed center cut Sirloins £3.75 each Min 10

10-11oz Rib Eye Steak £4.50 each Min 10

12oz Rump Steak £3.95 each Min 10

16-18oz Rump Steak £5.95 each Min 6

6oz Chateaubriand Fillet Steak £4.75 each Min 6

Free Range Pork from Garnett's award winning Pigs

Boneless Loin of Pork  £6.95kg

Pork fillet £7.50kg min 3kg

Whole Bellys of Pork £4.95kg

Slow Cook Shoulders Of Pork £3.99kg

British Local Organic Lamb

Boneless Legs £12.90kg On the bone £9.45kg

Lamb Shanks £3.75 each

5kg Catering Lamb Mince @ £5.50

Shoulder Of Lamb On Bone £7.90kg Boneless £9.90

Saddles £9.90kg

French trimmed 8 bone racks of Lamb @ £15.90kg


5kg 220g Chicken fillets £25.50

10oz Norfolk Chicken supremes £1.75 each

7-8 oz Chicken Supreme £1.25 eack

7-8oz Corn fed Chicken Supreme £1.55 eack

The Award Winning low fat Meldreth Pork Sausage (min Meat  84%) £5.50kg

Meldreth Footlong Sausages @ £1.25 each

Homemade Cumberland, Lincolnshire and Newmarket (min Meat 75%) £4.95 kg

7oz Pure Steak Burger £1.25 each

7oz Pork & apple Burger £1.15 each

Horseshoe Gammons 5-6.5kg @ £3.95kg

5lb Unsmoked Best Back Bacon £11.99

5lb Smoked Best Back Bacon £12.99

4 x 2kg Catering Unsmoked Back Bacon £31.50

4 x 2kg Smoked Catering Bacon £32.99

5lb Pack Smoked Streaky £13.99

11-12oz Prime Cut Gammon Steak £2.50 each