BBQ Packs

Summer BBQ Meat Packs

BBQ Pack One 

12 Award winning Meldreth Pork Sausages, 12 Minted Lamb Kofta Kebabs

12 x 1/4 lb Angus steak burgers 12 Flavoured Chicken drumsticks



6 Meldreth Pork Sausages

6 Kofta Kebabs

6 Thai Chicken Satay

8 x 4oz Angus Steak Burgers

1kg Side of smoky BBQ ribs

1kg Piri Piri 3 bone Chicken wings



Ideal for Kids and Adults

12 Award winning Jumbo Meldreth Pork sausages, 

18 Meldreth Pork Chipolatas

12 x 4oz Cajun Beef Steaks

12 x 4oz Burgers

3kg of Smoky BBQ Pork Ribs

12 Chicken Thai Satay

12 Chicken Drumsticks



12 x 4oz Beef steaks plain or flavoured

12 x Cajun Pork fillet kebabs with fresh peppers

12 x 6oz Wagyu Beef Burgers

12 Minted Lamb Chops

12 Jumbo Meldreth Pork Sausages





 Mix and Match to make your own BBQ Packs

Any Pack is £3.50 or 2 for £6

10 Chicken Drumsticks Plain or Flavoured

500gm Packs (approx 6) Meldretrh, Cumberland, Lincolnshire Pork sauasages

10 Minted Lamb Kofta Kebabs

2 butterfly flavoured chicken fillets

3 pork loin steaks plain or flavoured

4 chicken Thai Satay skewers

4 Tandoori Chicken Skewers

2 mixed fillet kebabs with peppers (turkey Beef, Pork & lamb)

1.2kg Chicken wings plain or Flavoured

3 Minted Lamb Loin Chops

2 Large Pork Chops

2 Large Minted Lamb Kleftico

500gm packs of chinese or smokey BBQ pork Ribs


BBQ Gourmet Range of Sausages

Lamb & Mint, Chicken Tikka, Pork & apple, Pork & Leek, Pork & Mustard, Old Time Banger (with onion)

Sweet Chilli & garlic, Chilli & Garlic, Beef & grated Horse raddish, All 500gm Packs (approx 6)


Gourmet Burger Selection

4 x Quarter pounders or 2 Half pounders 2 packs for £6

Angus Steak Burger,

Pork & Apple Burger

Lamb & Mint Burger

Chicken Tandoori Burger

Bulk Orders Taken for large Fates garden Parties

30 x 4" Quarter pounders £19.50

50 x 150gm 5" burgers £47.50

30 x 200gm 5" Burgers £36.00

Award winning Meldreth pork sausage 100 or more £2 kg off NRRP

Spend £150 or more on burgers or Sausages and we will lend  a Gas BBQ (gas not included) and outdoor Chaffing Trays to serve from FOC all you do is bring back Clean and pay for gas used

We can also supply Cheese slices, Sauces, ready sliced onions 4" & 5" floured babs at competitive prices

Gluten Free Specialities

Sea salt and cracked pepper Gluten free Burger

Cumberland or Pork & leek Gluten Free Sausage

Please ask about Gluten free glazes