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Christmas Hampers

You will be supporting 4 other local independent Business & boosting the local economy by ordering at                             

(Garnett’s Pork, Burlton Farms Meldreth, Taste of Suffolk & Barsby hand raised Pies)                                            

Our Focus at Davey’s Butchers is to provide our customers with top quality poultry, which has been sourced from local farmers. All our poultry have been raised to the highest welfare standards, with unrestricted fresh air and natural day light, whether in barn or paddock they have ample space to roam with deep straw beds.



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Xmas Hamper for 2-4 Pax £50

  • 1.5-2kg Turkey Crown Covered with Streaky Bacon
  • 360gm Jar of Goose Fat
  • 8 Luxury large Meldreth Pigs in Blankets
  • 500g Award Winning Pork Sausage Meat
  • 1.2kg Topside Roasting Beef

Four Day Lock Down Holiday Hamper for upto 6 Pax

2-3 days Breakfast, Xmas Dinner for 4-6, Boxing Day Cold meats pork Pie and the Steaks on Monday.                                  

  • Order by 7th Dec Get a Free 500g Sausage meat                                                      
  • 2.5-3kg Turkey Crown Covered with Streaky Bacon                                                    
  • 12 Luxury Meldreth Pigs in Blankets
  • 4 x 8oz Sirloin Steaks,                                         
  • 320g Jar of Goose Fat                               
  • 2lb Hand Raised Pork Pie                                  
  • 500g sliced Gammon Ham,                                    
  • 16 Rashers home dry cured Back Bacon 
  •  12 Hand crafted Award Winning Pork Sausages in natural skins                                                                                     
Upgrade and Change your 3kg Crown
  • To a 5kg Crown Add £25                                             
  • To a 10lb Roasting Chicken £15                                         
  • To a 6.5-7kg Free Range Turkey Add £50                
  • Change to 1.5kg Cooked Suffolk Ham Add £15.00                      
  • Swap Sirloin to 2kg Chateaubriand Beef Fillet £60 
  • 4 Extra 12oz Rib Eye Steaks Add £30.00  
  • 20 Extra Pigs in Blankets Add £12.50
  • Add 1.5kg Rolled Sirloin £35.00   
  • Add 4kg Rib of Beef £75.00                                               

Xmas Lock Down Pickings £59.99

RRP over £75

  • 250g Stilton Cheese
  • 250g Camembert  
  • 150g Boursin
  • 200g Black bomber
  • 150g Cambozola
  • 150g Rambol
  • 200g Red Dorset
  • 250g Wooky hole               
  • 100g Danish Blue  
  • 2 Flavoured 175g Pate                                              
  • 150g sliced mixed meat Tapas                                     
  • 500g sliced Suffolk Ham
  • 1lb Hand raised Chicken & Ham Pie 
  • 1lb Hand raised Turkey & Cranberry Pie
  •  250g Davey’s Pork scratchings  
  •  250g Longley farm Butter                               

Xmas Day Essentials £29.99  Save over £10

  • 500g Pork Sausage Meat                                                      
  • 12 Luxury Pigs in Blankets                                                            
  • 500g Beef Dripping
  • 12 Meldreth Pork sausages
  • 2 x 1lb Best Back Bacon
  • From The Shropshire Spice Co
  • Roast Chestnut,Cranberry & Apple Stuffing Mix
  • English Sage And Roast Onion Stuffing Mix                                          

Meat Feast Hamper £89.99

Save £10 

1.5kg Cooked Suffolk Ham Joint

OR 3kg Unsmoked Gammon Joint joint

1.5kg Rolled Leg/loin of pork

1.5-2kg Rolled Leg of Lamb

1kg Minced Chuck steak

8 Chicken Breast Fillets

4 x 8oz Sirloin Steaks