The One Stop Butcher

We Offer a free Gas BBQ Hire (The BBQs flat pack and fit in most car boots) Also our out door catering Chaffing Trays are Free of charge as long as bought back clean on orders over £150.00


Normal Hire is £50 for BBQ + gas and £25 cleaning bond deposit.


Chaffing trays are 2 for £12.50 with 4 Chaffing fuel that last 2 hours each These enable you to pre cook a starting stock of food that will keep hot to the regulated temp and keep Ques down. (You can cook up to 30-40 burgers at one time and up to 50 Jumbo sausages)


You will need Burger flips and burger scraper, Tounges a large adjustable spanner Temp Probes and Wipes. (you need to scrape burnt residue after each cook as not to spoil next batch of food) TO CLEAN Hot water, brush and oven cleaner Approx 15 mins and remember to clean black soot from under pan. Best to do after use.



  • Homemade Angus Chuck/Brisket Quarter Pounders 95p each 100% British Beef
  • 48 x 4oz Frozen Burgers 80% beef £27.50
  • 10Lb frozen catering Sausage 50% meat £12.50
  • 25 Bratwurst Sausage 85% pork £33.50 
  • 48 x 4” floured pre sliced baps £10.50
  • Angus 6oz Homemade Burger £1.45 each
  • BEST SELLER 48 x 5” floured pre sliced Baps £11.50
  • 50 x 20g Mild or Mature Cheddar Cheese Slices £8.95
  • Jumbo Award winning Meldreth Sausage 80p each BEST SELLER
  • Days French Sticks £2.50 each (cut into 5 portions)
  • Our Famous Foot long award winning Sausage £1.50 each
  • 30 x 12” Thaw and serve Baguette £15.50
  • 6” long Chipolata 65p each (ideal for Kiddies Hot dogs) GOOD SELLER
  • 32 x 6.5” Pre sliced hot dog roll £15.0
  • 5lb bacon packs Unsmoked £12.99 Smoked £14.50
  • 4kg Fresh Sliced Onions £10.00
  • 24 x 4oz Frozen Veggie Burger £18.00
  • 36 x Linda McCartney Veggie Sausages £18.00
  • 1 x litre Brown, Tomato, BBQ, American Mustard or Mayo are £2.50 each
  • Packs of 125 2 ply Napkins £7.50
  • 125 x Biodegradable Burger Containers £17.50
We Have been doing events for over 25 years, always at family friendly prices I.E. Kiddies Quarter pounder with Cheese £3.95 Kiddies Hot dog £2.50 to £3.00 But by far Our Best sellers:- large 4oz cheese burger £5.00 double burger £7.50 and the Jumbo sausage served in French Stick £3.00 Bacon Butties £2.50 Foot long Sausages in a Baguette £5.00 Our Low Fat Meldreth Sausage is a Gold award winner. Our Burgers are 95% Lean Beef